Developer's Guide: Git Push on WP Engine

Apr 27, 2020


Welcome to Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies' comprehensive Developer's Guide that dives into the intricacies of using Git Push with WP Engine. As a leading provider of marketing and advertising services in the business and consumer services sector, we understand the importance of efficient code management and seamless deployment for websites.

Understanding Git Push and WP Engine Integration

Git Push is an essential command in the Git version control system that allows developers to upload local repository changes to a remote repository. WP Engine, an innovative web hosting platform, seamlessly integrates with Git Push for efficient code management and deployment workflow.

With WP Engine's Git Push integration, developers can easily collaborate on projects, track changes, revert to previous versions, and ensure smooth updates without disrupting site functionality. This guide will take you through the steps and best practices for effectively utilizing Git Push with WP Engine.

Getting Started with Git Push on WP Engine

Before diving into the Git Push process, it's important to set up your development environment with WP Engine. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Create an account on WP Engine and set up your development environment.
  2. Install and configure Git on your local machine.
  3. Generate SSH keys and securely connect your local machine to your WP Engine environment.

Git Push Workflow

To effectively use Git Push with WP Engine, it's crucial to understand the workflow. Here's a breakdown of the typical Git Push process:

1. Create a New Branch

Before starting any development work, create a new branch in your local repository. This allows you to work on new features, bug fixes, or updates without making changes to the main branch.

2. Implement Changes

Once you have a new branch, implement the necessary changes in your local environment. This includes coding, testing, and ensuring the desired functionality.

3. Commit Changes

After making the necessary updates, commit your changes locally. This allows you to save a snapshot of your work and track the modifications made.

4. Push Changes to Remote Repository

Once you have committed your changes, it's time to push them to the remote repository on WP Engine. Use the Git Push command to upload your local branch and changes.

5. Deploy Changes

After pushing the changes, WP Engine automatically detects the updates and triggers a deployment process. This ensures that the changes are applied to your live website without any downtime or disruptions.

Best Practices for Git Push with WP Engine

To optimize your code management and streamline the Git Push process on WP Engine, follow these best practices:

1. Use Descriptive Branch Names

When creating new branches, use descriptive and meaningful names that accurately represent the purpose of the changes. This makes it easier to track and manage multiple branches.

2. Regularly Commit and Push Changes

Commit and push your changes frequently to maintain a well-documented history of modifications. This also helps in avoiding the loss of work and enables seamless collaboration with other developers.

3. Review Code Changes

Before pushing changes to the remote repository, thoroughly review your code to ensure quality, readability, and adherence to coding standards. Utilize code review tools or seek feedback from peers to catch any potential issues.

4. Test Changes Locally

Prior to pushing changes to the remote repository, extensively test them in your local environment to ensure desired functionality and compatibility. This helps in identifying and rectifying any bugs or conflicts.

5. Monitor Deployments

Monitor the deployment process on WP Engine to ensure successful implementation of changes. Keep an eye out for any errors or warnings during the deployment phase and promptly address them.


In conclusion, effective usage of Git Push with WP Engine can significantly enhance your code management and deployment workflow. By following this comprehensive Developer's Guide, you now have a solid understanding of the Git Push process, integration with WP Engine, and best practices for seamless code deployment.

Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies, a trusted name in the marketing and advertising industry, is committed to providing valuable resources and insights to empower developers in their journey. With our expertise and your commitment to excellence, you can take your web development projects to new heights.

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